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Path of Exile Hideout Showcase May 2024

MrVvulf: A round of applause for the players that created these hideouts.
Amazing work.
Xeratas: thats a cosmic turtle advert. But thats understandable, those look sick.
TerminusTartaros: Those look all so awesome. You should do videos like this more often
diegofraga4905: Cosmic gardens
morinmethfirsttofall6393: I'll never get tired of thanking you for the showcase GGG! Thank you so much!
revanbane: Thank you so much for repeated support GGG, this one is definitely unexpected!
joshuahensley9395: Too much turtle, the fomo is enough guys :/
Sodium779: I get already feel myself getting run over by a speeding Godskin Noble in that temple of Eigley hideout
aldodzb: Looks amazing
meetspins: Insane
alyanne97: Thank you for the feature ggg. The doodads released with the turtle were phenomenal to work with!

May 18 2024

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