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Path of Exile 3.24 What's the Best Necropolis League Starter? (in my Opinion)

In Path of Exile 3.24, the Necropolis League introduces exciting new content, including Tier 17 Maps, New Bosses, and Transfigured Gems. As you embark on your journey, here are some recommended league starter builds to kick off your adventure:

Detonate Dead Elementalist by Tripolar Bear: This build focuses on Righteous Fire and Bodyswap mechanics, scaling damage from maximum life. It’s a comfortable choice for early progression.

Lightning Conduit Elementalist: A build that utilizes Lightning Strike for high single-target and area-of-effect damage. Great for beginners.

Toxic Rain Pathfinder by Peuget2: Toxic Rain is a reliable option for fresh starts. The Pathfinder variant focuses on the Toxic Rain skill, providing solid damage over time.

Explosive Trap Trickster by FealessDumb0: The Trickster class excels with Explosive Trap, offering a balanced mix of damage and survivability.

Lightning Arrow Deadeye by Crouching Tuna: If you prefer ranged playstyles, the Deadeye’s Lightning Arrow build provides good clear speed and versatility.

Remember that these builds are just recommendations, and you can adapt them to your playstyle and preferences. Enjoy your journey through the Necropolis League!

Mar 25 2024

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