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Path of Exile 2s Greatest Week So Far?

King_of_Sofa: I have a feeling this game is going to be the greatest ARPG that will reign supreme for a very, very long time. I am way beyond excited
omegasybers1110: Still hope some of the improvements for PoE2 will also be part of PoE 4.0
elementochannel6994: 1.2M is crazy in 2 days dude
buddha6659: I want POE 2 to reach the heights of Diablo!
a1pha_star: Babe, wake up! A new Talkative Tri video just dropped!
dIggl3r: @Tri Hi mister... bravo you made a perfectly in-sync video!
jasonnorelation4668: Started playing PoE a few weeks ago. Despite it being so old its an amazing game. Diablo 4 doesnt even come close. I'm super excited for PoE 2.
truuuupR: can't wait to see all the footage from your trip to LA!
deltablaze77: What? Are people not still insanely positive? My positivity is at maximum potential, I just know the only thing to do now is wait until it is here. Then I can finally stop playing other games and settle down for a nice 20-30 year stretch of PoE2 like god intended.

(Edit: They showed the Merc, and that was it, I am fully committed no matter what happens as long as I get to play that class)
CrashBashL: Please ask GGG when you visit them, if we can still keep everything that we bought in POE in POE2.
Skins, Stash tabs etc.
I hope they never add piano flasks gameplay again...
GriMMiXbeats: I'm a massive Diablo fan since 1997 and I had never heard of path of exile until a few days ago. Now PoE2 is the game I'm most excited for this year and I feel it will smash D4 out of the park. I'm sad i missed the whole PoE1 evolution, especially considering I'm Australian and Griding gear Games are our Kiwi brothers from across the pond. this will be the best ARPG anyone has ever seen!

Jun 04 2024

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