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Path Of Exile 2 Official Console Deep Dive Gameplay Trailer

alvo621: I'm really hoping there will be seamless controller to mouse/keyboard on PC. I love blasting on controller but just dumping inventory/managing stash is a pain on pad especially with the current state requiring you to log out to switch between input methods.
isseyphresh82: I'm soooo ready for this game!
TheBlakReaper: I'm looking forward to this game.
DecemberSeraphim: Yoooo couch coop!!!
masonmartinez9579: The option to play on console is always good, and tbe couch co op is amazing.
derekzombie1514: Twin sticking while using face buttons for abilities seems like a nightmare. I'll stick to the KB&M lol
QuinCronic: I’m assuming it’s only 2 players coop or is it up to 4?
fireinpoe9317: I really cant wait anymore! bring it !!! POG
thiagorodrigo8121: Cara finalmente vou poder jogar poe no multiplayer com minha esposa
Koozwad: looks like it would have offline singleplayer too, nice

same as Diablo 3 console version

Jun 05 2024

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