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Path Of Exile 2 Official Console Deep Dive Gameplay Exclusive Trailer

Snikkii15: D4 could never.
iROHxo: couch co-op will be so cool!
sayfmm: Really appreciate the couch co-op
billkozac7974: Makes D4 look like a PS3 launch title.
eradicatedpulse6896: Massive W for couch co-op
smiguli8851: The help system of keywords on hover is probably the best part of this lol
percevaldb638: PC Couch-Coop
Pokepunk: very creative character names, my favorite is EEEE
rbwbr: This is so fucken dope
and I dont even have a console, but all of this stuff sounds great
AH_1102: This is going to put D4 out of business
King_of_Sofa: I am very much looking forward to this game. It is going to be utterly monumental!

May 31 2024

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