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Path Of Exile 2 Just Dropped Huge News

DelBoy573: Can’t wait to play with my couch
Daniel-dz2pj: PoE not the only thing getting bigger with this news
evanabarca6159: A UI specifically made for consoles? I love those devs
Fanatiqual: i play d4 with my kids couch co-op and it's great, really glad they are running with it too
shinryusaiha: oh yes i can't wait to sit there for 45 minutes waiting for my buddy to theory craft his next skill point.
SloRush: The game looks better and better with every new preview
DevilWolf000: They're going to hit a gold mine with this game.
lordhandsomeswag1854: The devs have a certain self-assured smugness as if they KNOW how much they crush their competition with each new sentence
Xenc5: This looks fantastic! The couch co-op looks very similar to how it’s done in Diablo 4
ICEMANdiabloIV: Can’t wait for this game, gg
fvzi4861: We're so back!

Jun 03 2024

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