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Path of Exile 2 Interview w/ Jonathan Rogers ft. @CaptainLance9 @Palsteron

Palsteron: Was an awesome opportunity to speak to Jonathan, thanks for inviting me!
SammyCheckers: lance cleaning up the basement for this interview, how professional
thekvng201: Introduction sounds like an AA meeting
Jiggerjaw: It's weird to see Lance in a box more than 30x15 pixels.
CCFQuelex: I did want a little more exploration on the "no life nodes on the tree" discussion. Does strength still give flat life? Are people going to just got jewel sockets to get their maximum life increases? Doesn't ES just naturally end up in the same situation that Johnathan described of how it feels like a certain number of nodes is mandatory?

When it comes to the life node discussion, I keep thinking back to a line from the streamer PerryThePig from Last Epoch when talking about the life meta in that game: If hybrid life is available for that gear slot, you should have it on your gear for that slot. Sure, trying to get as much life as you can in PoE is important as well, but you can always balance the lack of life you have on your gear with getting more points on the tree. In the current situation that we've heard so far, it seems like we're going to be in a similar situation in PoE2 where it becomes vitally important to have every possible life affix you can have on every gear slot that can roll it because you're lacking the ability to get it elsewhere. This in turn, just like in LE, pushes you away from being able to invest into things like Armour or Evasion since your available prefixes are going to be more restricted to life. It also would potentially push you away from using Influenced gear that doesn't provide an affix that is build enabling because you don't want to expand the modifier pool and hurt your chances of getting life.

Maybe it's not going to end up that way. Hopefully it doesn't. But it is one concern that I have with the system he has described. I would like to hear a deeper dive on that subject in the future if you're able to get him again, or if another content creator reads this that has the opportunity.

Anyhow, wall of text over. Good job everyone on the interview!
mfeeney87: Absolutely despise MF. Its absolutely a corrosive mechanic in every aRPG I have played.

It interferes with the core loop of developing your character.

I agree with Jonathan that having a 3 vector for preogression is inportant. I dont think MF is the answer. Its only here because its been grandathered in from Diablo 2.
sablesoul: I feel like it is EXTREMELY uncommon for the lead designer/game director to be a day 1 player of another relatively niche indie game within the same genre. For Jonathan to speak so thoroughly on No Rest for the Wicked makes it pretty clear he's a true fan of the genre as a whole, for any of the few doubters out there.
walidrahman9508: Who stole Lances blanket??
TheMrBernardi3: That MF never ending circle was rough to get through but overall fantastic interview!
pallalero: The fact that Jonathan is playing other ARPGs is a good sign on its own...
Sinuvil: i could listen to these interviews 8h a day
John776521: I love how adamant Palsteron was about magic find. It does feel bad that if you're not running a build that can support running some level of MF, that you're missing out on loot. Especially in a trade server, you need to be making a certain amount of currency to continue your build. I don't think MF should be able to do the hardest content, it doesn't make sense. Make map mechanics more rewarding.
Bluefooted23: The keybutton bloat is a huge issue to me. Jonathan basically handwaved it in this interview, but i straight up do not want to play a game that has as many required keybinds as poe2 will at this point. If i wanted to play a game like that, I'd go play WoW or ff14.

May 07 2024

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