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Path of Exile 2 I JUST Played It For 6 Hours And Its...

Alcathr: Man, all my homies LOVE [redacted]!
GnostikNataz: THe pure excitement in your voice and facial expression makes me so freaking pumped for this game!
bluemoondm8629: I love the Monk with Bell aesthetic! Enjoyed it in D3 as well. Airbender could be fun
greyosprey4096: TRI: how do you keep fellow Exiles in suspense?
Also TRI: I'll tell you tomorrow.
crazyfingers619: So glad to hear these guys are taking their time and taking this seriously. These guys deserve success, and I hope they bring Blizzard down even faster than they are doing to themselves.
z3r0pointflux: Even if I didn't know anything about POE and wasn't excited about POE 2 I think i would feel guilty not being excited watching you talk about it lol. I think Jonathan slipped you some molly. Subscribed.
jamesstewart8663: Ooooh 5 hours of gameplay with new stuff?!? Really looking forward to it. I am guessing the Embargo is about the EA release date which I am looking forward to knowing.
btimur1: There is literally no reason to play any other game but this.
danielwalley2734: @TalkativeTri could you maybe ask, how exactly couch co-op will work on consol with something like SSF? Like, does couch co-op mean you have to be in Trade or is there a Option for SSF couch co-op?
Also how will couch co-op work on a technical level. Such as, does PoE2 (SSF and couch co-op mainly) require PS Plus sub for online play and do all players have independed loot or is loot shared?
Tyvm in advance and I hope you and your wife are having a blast.
andrewmccune2895: Cant wait for the new gameplay, I need that HIT. Glad they are working on flasks to make them feel right, was my biggest concern. Just watched your raw gameplay from the last play session, the music & ambient sounds are on another level.

Jun 08 2024

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