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Path of Exile 2 I JUST Interviewed Jonathan Rogers And It Was

hellbender27: OH man POE2, looks amazing! very excited to get into the game soon! Lol the wifey straight carried you, GG Mrs. TalkativeTri!
Boujee-Gaming: Referencing d1/2 still, music to my ears. Haven’t lost their vision
dIggl3r: GJ on the revive, that was cool to see!
scoliosisking6143: Really appreciate you asking my question about the unified trade market sir! Getting that clarity has made me heaps more excited for PoE 2 :)
thecasualfly: I dont need keyboard on console, but having a mouse plugged in would be HUGE
MrDarkBM: No seamless transition yet damn.. I like doing combat with controller and inventory management/crafting with KB and mouse.
matsiv5707: You're the voice of PoE news for me at this point. A breath of positivity in a community that's sometimes a bit jaded
ExireHG: I think your wife is the real gamer XD
You're right about the PoE2 excitement. I tried PoE and bounced, but PoE2 is looking like a must play.
kenm6609: Hopefully, they get seamless swapping with the controller to m&kb in the game soon. It's so nice for inventory management and rolling maps etc.
notyouraccount6038: Another reason why controller and mouse mixed imputs is important, its because of motion control for steam players. I love using motion controls on every game.
Brioche-12: Is the raw gameplay going to get posted as well?

Jun 09 2024

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