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Path of Exile 2 Game Director Interview The Diablo Podcast Episode 56

MrRafagigapr: never heard of this channel but a POE interview is allways cool and the host seems to be a cool guy
TalkativeTri: Listened to this twice. During work and after. Definitely appreciated the in-depth, chill questions. Good interview, appreciated both Xanth and Jonathan throughout!

edit: fixed my misrepped thoughts ;)
SuperLotus: Love that you kept the usual podcast intro despite the subject matter
FlameMage2: Wow didn't expect this haha grats!
thomasgrimm1664: Very chill interview. I'm only 10 minutes in but I like it quite a bit.
CursedSeal7: You need to work on your audio quality a bit.
knaz7468: Cool interview!

PoE2 really needs to reduce the MORE multipliers of supports. Trying to balance exponential scaling is way too difficult. It's partially why PoE1 is a bit out of control for offense/defense.
nilocblue: God Dungeon Siege was a good game, still underrated in my opinion.
DELTA9XTC: ehm he is called Jonathan, not Jonathon. Just FYI^^ maybe correct the mistake on the thumbnail? i think its possible to change thumbnails after upload, no?
Sejend: Yeeees, yeeeess! Been waiting for this!

Jun 04 2024

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