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Not allowed - Path of Exile Highlights #482 - Alkaizer, jungroan, Waggle, Manni and others

sc065: Graveyard crafting is so bad, I can't believe they went with this design, and I'm a massive GGG fanboy/defender.
kangaroosmlb: Can we stop seeing the adorned its like been 20 times of 149-150 this league
Dri143: no cat .l.
joeypatooie8352: 0 views in 56 seconds , you fell off
metachigx: widestjigglin
Pineapple-lk4kh: No widecat
onionsky8328: Can you please stop putting in rip clips and mirror drops of some randoms? They're not interesting at all
mikeviray6152: no shit 50% shock deals alot of damage
Weidl01: I Had the Same death as jungroan here... After that i started sc haha
Sometimes this Boss is easy and Sometimes its ridicilous

May 09 2024

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