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New Path of Exile 2 Details Imminent...The PoE 2 Team Contacted Me AGAIN!

terrysmv: OMG 3 pieces of contents in 24 hrs. Are we dreaming?
CrossfacePanda: Once is a fluke
Twice could be luck
Three times it’s earned

Regardless of if this time was luck or not, I’m confident that by the time the third event rolls around, you’ll have already earned it.
imbritish: Great news! 2000 hours on PC but combat on a controler felt GREAT in POE1 - And this time it's real twin stick! Now if they can just adress the inventory managment at least enough so it's decent, it's going to be real nice
Scorptice: No fluke my man, you held this game in a good light while it had its darkest hour (Kalandra). GGG may not always hit it right with the league mechanics but they've always appreciated their community and content creators
uGenxile79: I swap back and forth between my pc and my ps5. This is a dream come true for me. Congrats on the second event brother. Im hyped for ya.
user-ue9sm4oq1w: We have so much skills and buttons to use,I wonder whether it will be comfortable to play on console because:
1)You need to hold left stick to move your character.
2)You will also often use right stick to dodge the enemy's attacks.
3)Do not forget the other buttons which you will press to attack the enemies.
And the last, you will have to press all this at the same time.
While on keyboard you can reassign the buttons and arrange them next to each other so that you can press them comfortably.
If author of this video is reading my comment I hope you'll give the feedback about the dualsense controller in POE 2
Pavian651: Cross progression is the biggest win for me. Ps5 and pc one account is a big fat dream come true holy shit
chromel8633: Wow nice, congrats! I play poe on PC with controller, and I would like to know if there is an auto detection for your Input device in POE2, like in D4. Until now you can ether use controller OR mouse and keyboard. Trading managing your Stash is kinda crappy with controller
jamesstewart8663: You are 100% making a difference. I don't always agree with you, but this is my one goto for info on POE2, and seeing's I have dropped more than 2k in POE since its beta I am a customer they probably would like to keep informed so that I return for poe2, so keep up the hard work.
gsauceprimary9363: I'm happy for you man! Can't wait for the amazing news you'l bring us in the future!

Jun 02 2024

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