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My 3.24 League Start Atlas Strategy to Farm Currency - Path of Exile

My 3.24 League Start Atlas Strategy to Farm Currency - Path of Exile

Starting a new league in Path of Exile can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some strategies to kick off your currency farming journey:

Atlas Progression Strategy:
Begin by allocating points to the Wandering Path passive on the Atlas passive tree. Prioritize nodes that grant a percentage chance for connected map drops.
Progress through maps efficiently, focusing on boss kills for map completion.
Experience the benefits of infinite map sustain and targeted map drops.

League Start Alch and Go Farming Strategy:
This strategy has no requirements and is designed to be used from your very first atlas passive point allocation.
Work toward the starting 3 essence nodes first, then allocate the map nodes, return to allocating essence, and finish with strongboxes.

Essential Tips:
Heist: Utilize Heist to get currency and gear upgrades while progressing through the campaign.
Map Acquisition: Buy maps from Karak and use his missions to progress the Atlas.
Gear Wisely: Spend wisely on gear and avoid depreciation.
Atlas Tree: Set up an Atlas tree that focuses on map nodes, Karak nodes, Essences, Shrines, and Expeditions.
Essence Farming: Farm Essences in white maps and sell them for profit.
Mechanics Blocking: Block unwanted mechanics and use Stream of Consciousness to get more content in maps.

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