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Multi-Mirror LA MF Update - Doubling my dmg - 3.24 Path of Exile

jayteez6414: lol casually ignoring a 154D sale
justinhowe3878: 2 mirrors for an unconfirmed interaction with anoint, now that's a power move
alisioardiona727: I play almost the same build but with Tornado Shot for the shotgunning effect. It multiplies the single target damage by almost 5-8x for free.
PaCCKal: That lethal pride is 2.5 mirrors.
Essemlol: fub and sushi 2v2 arena in cata??
rk-li9ks: Hey. I am fairly new to bow builds and don't know how in what order to upgrade my stuff. I am currently running the Elemental hit version with petrified blood. Should I go for a better tri ele bow? Should I get a decent phys bow and start converting the dmg? Or save up for forbidden jewels so I can drop the low life stuff. Or maybe a focused amulet next? I am still using Yoke of Suffering. Just wondering what upgrades have higher priority, since it is hard to fit in the berserk tech with the helmet without giving up some other important auras (mainly petrified blood).
wambaas7987: if i have the same amulet and same helmet but enlighten 4 this do not work need mandatory level 5?
The_Aleph_Null: I'm playing on standard, if I'm using an MF chest and also Item Quantity support, what are the other 4 mandatory supports for LA? I'm trying not to use Crit Multi since most maps I farm have reduced crit damage and so do rares nowadays, and also not Inspiration since it just tanks a bit my damage compared to other supports (I think).

Also, why not using Petrified Blood? How do you mantain the uptime on Divination Distillate, just wait until you happen to not have full life or mana and hope it actually works with Master Surgeon?

May 10 2024

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