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Life Stacking Tornado Inquisitor Build Update | Path of Exile: Necropolis

fxfile: I was gonna quit the league, so i bought a single Apothecary and i gambled with harvest. Well... now i have my first mageblood. Guess im gonna be playing just a bit more.
Pharmacopium: Damn I did NOT think you were going to get that sceptre on HC
danieljohnson270: I'm enjoying the league just because Mageblood was cheap enough that I got it with enough time and energy left to play with it some. First time ever in PoE that's happened for me.
billplates5255: I've enjoyed the league overall, but moreso for things like the triple atlas trees, the available builds, some of the scarabs, etc. The league mechanic is half and half for me. I do actually enjoy the allflame system, but the graveyard is boring and tedious. I've had such little interaction with it, but I have enjoyed reaping the rewards with cheap gear. Overall far from the best, but still enjoyable and I do plan on still playing for a little while as there a couple more builds I want to try out.
nathanfay1988: Will you eventually try to craft an 8-link RF helm using fractured influence mods in the Graveyard, or is Crest of Desire BiS?
taiwanisacountry: I am taking the week off necropolis. I do enjoy every single aspect of Necropolis to be honest. The crazy farms I did with allflames, the crazy crazy crazy crafting. I mean a former mirror tier item now, 5-50div, depending on the item. A 1700 edps sword for 8div. Just insane! And I love it. I will see if I can cook a total mene build. And I mean total meme. Maybe I will actually use ward as a defensive layer, or go full fortify and see if I can reach 50 fortify. Or maybe I might even try to make the meme viable.
flaxenwall9840: how did you manage to use the timeless jewel calculator with out getting rate limited 900x. did they make it where you could pick hc trade link?
ginebro1930: ive seen people with 37k life on poeninja
jsing5022: Been waiting on this one

May 08 2024

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