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Improve your Defenses DRASTICALLY in Path of Exile! (PoE 3.24)

jamesmillar5951: Very solid video. Both fairly comprehensive and succinct. Some other things to add would be sources of less damage taken like doppelganger guise, natures patience. Pantheon is another thing you could add. It may be worth another video on recovery/Regen/leech/recoup/life gain per enemy hit etc. and ways to defend against degens since that's a big area of vulnerability for a lot of players.
BionMTG: Great to meet you in game, and thanks for the tips with my build! really appreciate the info!
jorgennorstrom: im a fairly new player, my defensive layer are hopes and dreams.
munchypignati8701: Good info. Great delivery. Clean, concise, and informative.
TheAluvisify: Awesome overview! I feel like a big one missing is Defiance of Destiny, especially when that's used in conjunction with Progenesis and/or Petrified Blood.
xXVintersorgXx: Earned my sub with this one
Twittermagicshotzz11: This video was so informative! Great video 10/10
payne6454: It's funny how people are using all these extra defenses and still have billions of damage while my build sacrifices all defence to barely have semi-decent damage :D
WOMFT: The funniest thing about transcendence is that it makes you extremely weak to phys reflect even if ur build does tiny amts of phys dmg
spumbucket6845: Was looking for exactly this yesterday. Thank you so much

May 12 2024

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