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Improve your Defenses DRASTICALLY in Path of Exile! Part 2 PoE 3.24

corvo_corax: Just a lil tid bit regarding Petrified Blood. You dont need the Life Mastery for "Low life is 55%"

As Petrified Blood damage protection occurs specifically at "Half Life" and not Low life.

Other than that, great video!
PauloVictor-tz9bg: Finally I understood defiance of destiny hahaha ty It now makes sense how bow builds are getting really tanky with progenesis, Defiance of destiny and Petrified blood
HasXXXInCrocs: My dude is casually looting like 40d from a map in the background
bred9526: Nice dude! I'm getting into HC and there's really little content about, none presented like this. Subscribed and I'm hopping into discord as well!
Pedram_Aphotic: DoD amulet's recovery also dsnt get affected by map/altar reduced recovery mods, so OP.
dervakommtvonhinten517: regarding arcane cloak, how long does the damage buff last?
user-zd6qy3gn1i: what item is gonna synergize well with brass dome?
bayublack92: Great video man
davekaska6832: since i have not seen it mentiond here i personaly like to use Divine Flesh Stacking up the Chaos Res and Then useing a Forbidden taste withe the use on Savage hit enchant.
since the Savage hit and the Recovery from the Flask apply at the same time this can mean up to 100% more total life pool against big hits
a Friend of mine also likes to use the Replica Rumis Concution withe an a thing like trickster
jeromeestacio9966: i'm doing boneshatter too. is it much better to use the nornal boneshatter or with the trauma effect?

May 27 2024

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