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I Found The BEST Build In Path of Exile w/@PohxKappa

PohxKappa: Had a ton of fun with this one, we should definitely do something like this again in the future!
theo008: "Can you tell us more about Righteous Fire Pohx?"

"Pohx: Hold my beer"
FernandoNSalgado: Phox is GOAT. He saved PoE for me. The game changed since I've discovered his builds.
Imbapiranha: I like how Nyx has a human avatar.
0nowztar495: fun fact.. Pohx used to be a TRAP BUILD expert way back in the day.. now he is RF BUILD expert..
CrystalStearOfTheCas: your awakened poe trade is set to standard league. You need to go into settings and switch it to necropolis for "correct" prices @NyxVellum
jogadorjnc: You're starting to fall into the trap that most PoE players fall:
You're not a new player anymore, but you still feel like you are.
When you were a new player you wouldn't make a mule character even if someone told you exactly what you needed.

Pohx's build guides, like basically all PoE build guides, assume a certain baseline level of familiarity, knowledge, and comfort with PoE that new players just do not have.
frsm_: Poxh is literally Lit
Corvo80: Phox's Righteous Fire is the build I played the most, in almost every variant. Following his builds helped me understanding most of the game mechanics.
nephroghost1912: Pohx is awesome! I’m using his build now. Love the way he teaches new players like me the game. He’s a very talented communicator.

May 07 2024

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