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How PoE 2 Will Revolutionize ARPGs

ShadowofProvidence: I'm so desperate for poe 2 news lol. I've played poe 1 for a decade. Theres been a lotta ups and downs during that time. Whatever state poe 2 launches in, I'll be around for the journey years into the future
Wond3rakz: Started playing POE two weeks ago and i already got like 100 hours It may the best arpg i've ever played. I can see why you guys are waiting like crazy
willaf3: The Age of Mythology music <3
eternalrhythmmusic: There are people out there complaining how it'll have too much content and things to learn? I don't see anything wrong with that at all because that gives you replay ability and life longevity. Bunch of whiners man lol. So freaking excited for POE2. I haven't been this excited for a game in YEARS. Whatever state it's in at launch I'm sticking by it all the way!
baam25th31: It's been 5 years now and we aren't any closer to getting a release date, just a beta date which isn't accessible to most people.
matthewsteitz7296: Of course it will create a new era because by the time it comes out it will be far in the future
Sylar589: Enjoying D4 S4 and can't wait for PoE2!
mitchy7051: if it comes out before 2026 maybe - just maybe but doubtful :(
sylverxyz: He's back!
Arccanos: Decisions being made the last few years of POE1 have led me to believe POE2 is going to have massive issues (akin to how big the problem was with the community begging Chris to make trade easier for essentially a decade).
user-of7gm4nm5h: After the numerous delays, Necropooplis, and 100% control being moved to Tencent I have 0 expectations for PoE 2 beyond endless microtransactions.

May 26 2024

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