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Fresh Path of Exile 1 News 4 Month Leagues FOREVER?!

EcIips3: Me setting my playback speed to .75 to milk the 8 minute run time. >.>
ShadowofProvidence: Dude I'm so hype for your poe 2 content thursday!
dIggl3r: Le sigh, another 4 months long league... makes me eager to see what Last Epoch
Tuloth: bit of a bummer, but Last Epoch has a cycle upcoming that I wanted to check out, so gives me time for that
bdubspoe: MEH. Jonathan will ruin poe2 thru crafting systems. Not excited
glbrazell: At first PoE2 beta was supposed to be something like 2022... then 2023... then later 2023... then 2024... now almost into 2025.

It is a great thing that GGG is so amazing and talented, produced such great work over the last decade. If this was Blizzard, or most of the other companies, this game would be deceased already, simply from the constant pushing back to later times. BUT, because this is GGG, and they HAVE given us such amazing effort, content, and so much more: We Wait!

We wait extremely frustrated, impatient, on edge of seat, and so much more... but... we WAIT!! However long it takes... we will probably KEEP waiting if need be. The fact that the GGG fans are almost unanimously waiting, and keeping tuned, year after year after year? Is testament to the quality of the company.

Normally, I tell people that other companies need to pay attention to GGG, but that is during the GOOD times.

But, even more important: they should pay attention RIGHT TF NOW. They have been pushing back over and over... and fans have been staying constantly tuned in, WAITING, for PoE2. Those other companies need to look at that, and realize that the reason is that GGG has consistently provided quality content, LARGE amounts of content, and so much more... all for free! The only charge? Cosmetic stuff in the store that actually looks really friggin cool! But, is in NO way necessary. They also provide so many awesome cosmetics free of charge simply by playing the leagues, and tuning in to streams.

The other companies really need to pay attention, not just when times are 'good', but when they are 'stressing' that bond between player and developer. Companies like GGG show WHY all those other things along the way are so vital. Companies like Blizzard have extreme dry periods, with hardly anything, and wonder why players leave in droves... there's a reason!
11ELFs: First, much love tri

First time I was first hmm
Toyrum_: Love Age of Mythology music <3
fok8810: I dont get why the necro lantern doesnt have a toggle
JanPapiezGaming: dead game

Jun 06 2024

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