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Forgotten Uniques Broken Faith Path of Exile

riccardosanna5899: you forgot the main interaction right now in 3.24, broken faith the apostate, to easily mantain the 0 ES condition and at the same time boosting life
NeverSink: Thank you for creating and maintaining the "forgotten uniques" series and providing such a high standard of detail and research. This is one of the content types I always wanted and you're providing it in great quality! It's also pretty inspiring for the upcoming league build making!
DaJodad: You won't believe how fast I clicked on this video when I saw it. These videos are like drugs for the theorycrafting portion of my brain... MORE I TELL YOU! MORE!
xyBano: Let 3.25 come
Grubgotkicked: this series is an instant watch for me, love everything about it
CouchOwner2: definitely the kinda things i'm hoping to see in this series. Uniques no one remembers but changed incidentally due to changes to mechanics they happen to interact with.

if for some reason Blood Rage isn't an option in a build and sustaining regular RF isn't either, there is Arcane RF which should do considerably less self-dps, making it easier to mitigate, but still enough to shave off your ES reliably. you won't get the spell damage buff but you also won't have to invest into surviving normal RF.
Goruku: I'm surprised Ghost Dance wasn't mentioned, you can avoid evasion or convert it to armour to prevent your ES from being above 0
julianolotero6600: Random Idea about using this for wither chance and profane ground on an elemental build with the harvest gloves which use wither to boost ele damage. Then, if you can get some elemental as extra chaos, it could be a nice damage boost too.
andrewhiatt5966: i'm actually in the process of creating a BV/BB build, so the timing on this video is awesome! definitely going to try to incorporate it.
brandenpedersen5127: Not a single person talks about Cospri's Will since it's buff. Insane 1c item.

Jun 05 2024

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