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Dual Strike of Ambidexterity From Zero to Hero SSF Journey Part 1 Path of Exile 3.24

shadence2001: YESSS!!! One of the best PoE channels out there, and we get a new video!!!
olinolinolin: Finding better stuff in SSF then in my whole trade league experience. Keep it up!
PogsInABlanket: Unironically, your videos are my favorite PoE content videos on youtube. Keep being awesome. <3
practic4l349: I always love your ssf journeys it's my favourite type of content
kmn9907: Bro can be a brilliant startup man. You are SO GOOOD hardworker even start from Zero everytime
almogelisha6919: The timing couldn't be better! I was going to start this build today
beyondsaving6495: Huge build. I hope you'll have fun with it.
alshamary2012: thank you for the new video
Netblaster95: My god I love you mr cat
jedrusnowak3317: this dude has aluck to drops. he always drop what he needs
LeodiAstoriaXIII: I'm going to try this out, I haven't played melee for years now and this plus the new Boneshatter skill makes me want to try it. I will follow your journey!

Jun 03 2024

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