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Discussing Defences and How to Get Tanky in Path of Exile

m.h.4907: Just my 2 cents but the best defense in this game is to clear off screen. Sounds bad but it is what is
gamefuler: I agree with the original poster. Getting everything is not the problem, it's getting everything in a non-meta build while juiced mapping. Too much shit happening during maps to call things "skill issues." Ubers are a joke compared to mapping because everything is super telegraphed. If you make a rare mistake you can just log/die and use another portal.

PoE shouldnt be seen as a game where you need skill to grind out gear. Ubers? Sure. That should definitely be seen as a "yeah im just that guy" type of achievement and you should be rewarded accordingly. But during mapping i just wanna sit down play around to make my character feel like an immortal god vaporizing anything it looks at no matter what alter I click on or map mod I run. The game is much more fun when I can just go brain dead after a long day and just slaughter and hear "TINK" as a reward every now and again.

I bet you anything this post is coming from the perspective of a casual player that is used to alch and go with his t16 maps and then going into t17 maps and then feeling like he just swapped places with one of the mobs he was culling through. That feeling of wanting to run juiced t17s to really make bank is awful especially for people that get FOMO. Side note, i blame the lantern a ton for making it feel like mapping is less frictionless than it should be. Probably wont be as bad when we dont have it next league.
Imbapiranha: The issue is the oneshots. If you had bigger time windows to gage the power of a rare mob, you could play around it.
popcorn32145: First. I think he's getting at the fact the game is getting more and more ridicous as the leagues come. As in before if u had capped res, and some armor/recover ur GTG, and chaos res was icing on the cake. Now you need like the guy says many many layers and it makes it near impossible for the average or new player to get get far in the game before giving up. I find myself quiting the leagues earlier and earlier as they make just playing casually more frustrating. If a new player or some who has maybe 5-8 hours a week try to keep up with things you are going to have a bad time. I really think the main issue is there is a huge gap between the people that play ALOT and have been playing for years, and the person that can play every day and when they can its just an hour or two.
67awesomekid: POE moving the goal post for ubers being mandatory in softcore kinda sucks ngl. and tehy gate keep those ubers by making sure you have a quality mapping build. we have a crafting league and progression feels kinda buns unless your doing a meta build whicch unironicall is probably one oof the few things to not get nerfed in the last 4 years.
user-gp7ks3gv7q: broo i have 200k hit pool tank exark slam and hold in to the beem have 100% supp cap eve 95% 90% phys all ress 75% and i just got F in the asssssss from a random mob from Allflame Embers that give you Omen's and white mobs just delete me when i kill them and i can tank so much more stuff no problem and is not like they have the DD mod on them oo and i have max fortify and insta leech 1-2k regen per sek ever 2 sek from armor and eve mastery 1%
LightVizard: You can make a full tank build and still die
D2ezbmu: Yeah I love that 90% evasion, 100% suppression, stun immune, ailment immune, 30% block, 40% phys dr, automated 21 immortal call, 21 rallying cry, 6k es, HUGE es leech (trickster), heartstopper, phys taken as chaos, ele taken as chaos, and probably more wasn’t even REMOTELY enough to do T17s consistently.. all while doing about 30 million pinnacle dps… this game is legit starting make me not like it. My ehp pool was 68k i think. I could do some easy maps but usually got 1 tapped by any of the bosses.
ejswentura823: spell supression is pain in the ass, shouldnt be required for every character meanwhile theres noway to target craft it, everyone just fracture base with desired suffix>spam essence for chaos until spell supression appear... GREAT DESIGN
whorhaydelfuego7190: The POE idea of tanky is what most games would still call glass cannon. My biggest complaint though is that I usually have no idea what it was that killed me. The game never gives any feedback indicating what kind of damage and from what source you are taking. There are debuffs, that appear in the far upper left corner of the screen, which isn't anywhere near where you should be looking. But even those debuff icons only help if you have time to mouse over them or memorize what they look like, and can check it in the fraction of a second that it takes to go from full hp to dead. A combat log would fix a lot of this by giving you something to parse and figure out where the hole in your defense is.

May 10 2024

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