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Developer Diary Redefining the Console Experience in Path of Exile 2

killerkord: Couch co-op is a HUGE win, I will be doing that ish
cocoyeabroom2505: a live Couch co-op race should be good
Hanger42: My brother and I are going to play the hell out of couch co-op! Thank you for adding it!
DeBroba: damn they actually added the bg3 help system that is awesome, exactly what I thought poe needed!
MrBrutaLLicA: "Cross-play, cross-progression and couch co-op will be available"

Moonmager: Couch co op is amazing. What a wonderful idea and execution!
RockoGoblino: GGG are cooking and it smells really good.
TheUlf: Oh hey woah wait is that PC couch co-op, too? Time to invite peeps over for some PoE playdates
SoulxWeaver: Damn that fullscreen character screen looks amazing.
It's insane just how good this game looks visually once you see the characters full model like that
the_born_again1350: SUPER HYPE!!! COUCH CO-OP and CROSS-PLAY!! I wanted it on poe1 so bad, but now that my son is old enpugh to play, this is gonna be awesome. THANKS GGG!
Kyoj1n: 2k plus hours on PoE1 PC and I'm ecstatic to play on controller or hop on my PS5. This is all i ever wanted for a console port.
Edit: Add cross-progression to PoE1 as well pretty please.
ToniSensei: Hi, I´m a POE player on PS4/PS5 since 2019 and with 5000 hours of play and this console version of POE2 is brutal. I greatly appreciate all the work you're doing with the console community. Thank you very much and greetings from Spain. I
WreckerofDays: You guys blew me out of the water with your trailers today. I'm so happy for you all! It's going to be so rad.
bystander85: Great job, guys! Allowing multiple account sign-ins for couch co-op is such a great feature! Seeing your character up close like that in the inventory screen looks great!
gsauceprimary9363: This genuinley feels like an addiction. The more snippets of info i get of this game, the more i thirst for it!
angryfish8394: These mfs are going to make me addicted all over again
crazy-tommy: Can't wait to click on "Nearby" in the help system to finallly find out what it means.
wpb5876: You can tell the developers and programmers actually love playing games and they are not just doing this for the ‘business’. The passion and motivation really shines through
eksleja7334: This brings back so many memories! As a kid I used to couch co-op random video games after school with friends and it was so fun. Really happy this has been added as an option!

Jun 08 2024

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