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Couch CoOp on Console AND PC?! PoE 2 News

gabrielsnider5762: I have 2 kids now .. farming haha
borristhebrave7496: The people who do want to play on console will actually have an economy that exists and isn't wildly more expensive than in the PC economy. Coming from someone who started on console and moved to PC, the game will grow much easier if they can actually play with a real trade market.
MaxPatatePowa: The extra hover tool tips are huge, not having to find an external source to understand keywords and mecanics is so good!
theone320: I do not think crossplay is a good thing. We will see. I do not like that all the systems need to wait for each other for patches, balancing etc.
crazy-tommy: I hope they don't focus on console/controller too much ... one of the devs says at the end "I'm looking forward to converting everyone to use a controller" ... that makes me worry that mouse keyboard gameplay may suffer because everything is optimzed for controllers
dpyxl: I think POE2 was delayed because of the console version.. This is going to be casual mode POE
Sgt_SealCluber: Cross-play that involves Playstation makes me incredibly worried given what is happening with the PSN account requirement in EVERY new multiplayer game on Playstation.

GGG better know that people aren't going to play PoE 2 if they have to link their Steam account to a PSN account.
Richard-ys2ns: Co-op = level 2 characters at a time on 1 account. Great time to be alive!

Jun 01 2024

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