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China Cat Path of Exile Highlights 485 Ruetoo, aer0, Alkaizer, Mathil and others

H1nted: alk with the usual shit take : "If you don't like don't interact with it". Has he ever concidered that one can NOT interact with the mechanic yet STATE that it is shit as a feed back. Also people don't want to play standard in league. Like most people want to be able to interact with the new league....gosh this guy just wants to be a contrarian, he sound like that douche kid from school that says "nuh huh" just to sound cool in class
XiaoRuepertMiao: widetime
faburil: widetime
itsBluffer: Widetime
m.h.4907: Make a build that's more reasonable. Proceeds to skip alch orb and instead regals the maps because he is scared of the mods. Lmao what a clown
qlcrane8019: I have one of those keyboards that Lily showed and I can say its one of the most awful designs ever. The "spacebar" is at an 90 degree angle so you have to literally force your thumb into that position and your hand feels fucked after 5 minutes
tommymoua3274: Congrats on the frac orbs, that’s about 5 divs for 5 lol or somewhere around there
HeavyClaw: I know the song of the first clip says "rave" but my disturbed mind yeah, no need to elaborate

May 18 2024

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