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400m DPS Life Base Jug Armour Stacker Endgame Build Guide! Path of Exile 3.24

user-pj8sg2jt4j: normal player: stacking armour
bigdaddy guy: stacking builds that stack armour
tokinscotian986: 3 of your items on console are over 400d lol.
adry0927: wow this will be my path next league great job
arcainex: Yeah this Jugg setup
Looks really cool , thanks for the great videos around armour stacker content!
xintong5398: the armor stacker professor
MaluhiaAraiza-xi8mj: Can you do a guide on how you progress a build from zero ?
etsuori7995: one more aura effect on Divine Judgement not worth for 4 points?
hrodwulf172: Hey man I'm probably going to put this together in standard, I'm just wondering if you can make up for the lost explicits on the coral ring, is slapping OG sin worthwhile?
danieleshow5939: What’s the budget for this build ?
nhanknhankson2194: Tempted to try this out, looks amazing! Been playing the doriyani scion armor stacker, learned so much. Thanks for the detailed content! Would love to see you make a video going over how you go on about making a build, where you start planning it first and how you think about it in general. Keep up the good work!

May 18 2024

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