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40 aps Berserker with 1700 dps sword - Path of Exile (3.24 Necropolis)

no_opas: to me this league is one of the best in like 3-4 years of playing, you can craft insane things in ssf and t17 maps added some spice and new content to basic "run maps untill 6t1 gear and go ubers". i am happy with the league, idk why people say it's boring, prolly because sc trade is trash experience but it was like it for almost 5-6 years now, extreme juicing is too good for partyplay, but regular players mush enjoy headhunters and kalandra rings for basically nothing lol
Dicktopus: League mechanic is just thrash to use.
sebastienlegleuher: And what about going poison build ? With this attack speed would be insane no?
eshannumin: I feel the "worst league in forever" part... This build looks cool, but every time I click the map device and see "phys as" 3 times on the list I'm just over it lol. If I could just turn off that part so I can actually just speed run maps I'd be having fun.
H1nted: What is the mtx for the sword ????? Looks veery cool
bruvkek4629: build as bad as this league
pozytywniezakrecony151: Tbh next league I would go spark or bow (tho bama was nice) - tried kinda mana melee but it's not worth to be melee ;p
phusonhuynh9912: isnt it capped at 30.30 aps ?
kannainacam: league felt bad because while there are new aspirational contents in t17, player power is gated behind an unnecessary complex but powerful crafting mechanic. The last few leagues has introduced player power level in terms of additional passives which are easy to understand and easy to implement into a previous build. This league really divide the player base between those who are willing to learn and those sticking to their level of understanding of the game.
severinschultheiss5213: I really hate that you lose the souls so fast

May 07 2024

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