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3.24 Winter Orb Build Slayer Necropolis Path of Exile 3.24

jimflask1164: I play the game for 5 days every 3 months. Then I watch a video like this. Want to play it. Remember what it's like playing the game. Next video. No one makes a video until they spent 80 mirrors.
JoaoVictor764: Amo winter orb, vou testar com certeza! Agrade├žo
Shanopla: One of my all time fav skills! Thank you man!
Taiyri: That's an interesting way to put it together. I suppose you could use a similar skeleton for a lot of different skills. Thanks for putting this one together!
D2ezbmu: this is pretty sick
toxicdeath7929: What is medium budget for you? Because for my friend that doesn't play that much it would be around 5-10div but for me its more like 20-50div and for an experienced crafter it can be like half a mirror, like around how much did you spend on this character?
nithryokskyforge3609: would not play this on HC, build is paper thin, but for sc it would work well and seems cheap to make
Amisukufx: Have full damage version?
KMGZbis974: League not ded ? But video fun to watch. Me happy. HUUUUN
frankcoley1537: Nice 100000000 Div build haha

Jun 09 2024

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