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3.24 LOW Budget TORNADO Pathfinder T17 Capable Build Guide for Path of Exile

nicorende4414: you can reduce the cost doing the vendor recipe for combat focus, any prismatic skill q20 and 2 rings
XxZarionxX: No judgement on the build or anything, but I'd highly recommend enabling Life/ES/Mana totals above the respective globes in the UI on any showcase.

I know HP totals are not as meaningful as they used to be, but it's still valuable information.
_Aynix: Consuming Dark is really getting popular recently. People use it for budget poison DD/Creamation as well
mmhg2986: Interested players beware: TLDR; If you're looking for a build to farm T17 maps, this may not be for you if by "farming" you mean you want something that can do T17s easily, smoothly, and reliably. The build has quite low move speed, low cast speed, trouble keeping high/max wither stacks without totems, incomplete ailment avoidance/corrupted blood immunity, nor decent crit reduction as of right now. To quote ronarray: "I have a simple logic - if I can run deathless T17 with it it can farm it." --- In response to a comment from a viewer in subtractem's stream chat: "I think this is my third time watching the stream. I agree that having something on farm means you can do it easily and decently fast. I understand that YOU think that since you can run it slowly at times and clear it deathless that its on farm but this doesn't feel like a T17 farmer to me. And i'm not even saying that as a negative, T17 farmer is a hard thing to accomplish.", the build author (ronarray) responded with: "Sure thing, can agree to disagree with you there man." note to ronarray: I subbed and really look forward to seeing the future content and builds you put out. Keep working on it, don't be discouraged by some of chat members. Take the comments and criticisms, but also keep it up and keep building.
chupapiii690: hello. at the high budget build version. what mods do you recommend to find for Circle of Ambition rings? and also I have a mageblood, can I do straight swap with it? i'm pretty sure the mod that matters in Vanguard belt is the Utility Flask and the Armour/Evasion implicit. I can get those just by getting Increase effect flask with the same mods on your pob. Is this viable? also we can move Nature's Adrenaline and probably go for another Increase Effect of Flask in the ascendancy tree.
inf3rion: Not to nitpick as this build looks awesome and I could be wrong on this, but Amulet either went up A lot or it's been popular idk. And I could be wrong again, but I tried different amulets in your POB and it seems like you absolutely need 9% res / 9% reduced requirement for attributes and there's one on market for 25D
RSNABlackRock: Any specific mods on Circle of Ambition that are better then the rest? Or are they all roughly equal value?
Xebtria: what would be the absolute minimum gear to start the character?

I assume:

both daggers which are dirt cheap
the chest
the timeless jewel for chaos res because it needs to be capped
maybe the tattoos for the same reason
the belt
both combat focus jewels
the actual transfigured gem
and maybe the flasks so they have as high uptime as possible

everything else could be dirt cheap gear for starters which then gets continuously updated. lower reservations just means less auras to run and maybe not yet t17 viability, but I could use the even cheaper setup to farm my way up to the gear I need to eventually farm T17s. right? RIGHT?
wesleyoostingh4279: Struggling to find Circle of ambition rings with those rolls, I have everything else, just need the rings to finish off the build.
nhandang2208: You can buy a good stats body armour then six link it for cheap with black morrigan and sand spitter.

May 21 2024

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