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3.24 IMMORTAL CWS Juggernaut - AFK T17 Farmer | Build Guide for Path of Exile

Karashi_K: Finally a build for a no-skill like me lol
GeNastas670: I thought katarina was sped up lol is she so fast because posessed?
FrankenKarn: When I opened this video.... 69 views. Nice
smit9352: Budget? .... -yes.
rafaelgoncalves4358: Whats the build buget?
jackobacko1787: Would do aomething similar for next league for simulac... buuut im sure dd will get nerfed ro the gutter.
user-zo8cw3qv1j: I would strongly advice to consider Trial of the Faith skill wheel with Stun mastery for crit protection for this build
Seems like good synergy with Bloodnotch setup
It will also lower requirement for Immutable force from 961% to 881% which makes this build abit cheaper to setup
nemesis89rus: Amazing!
iwikeu: What are most important stats on Glorious Vanity (besides divine flesh)?
thenakedtruth9368: Is it possible to use this build with Champion Ascendancy class?

May 10 2024

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