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1 Billion Exp Per Hour Solo - The Cheap Easy Way - Path of Exile Necropolis PoE 3.24

koko2274: True. those necropolis drops are very annoying sometimes when they block shrines
BossGel: you should try atoll brother. at the start of the map you get 3-4 shrines, then if you run top you get 2 more most of the time. easy and fast map
bendulaney: I love this video. It's like the Bob Ross of PoE. Just having fun. Doesn't matter if it's not the most perfect optimized way of doing it. Just having a good time, and that's what matters
paperstars9078: I used the atlas by ventrua and leveled to 100 with this strat with 1x breach 1x domination 1x teachings I used bog map cause I only have 2 void stones. got around 1.6% exp per map at lvl 99 (3min each map with ~1min looting at the end where I pick up everything worth 1c or more (scarabs, specific corpses, chaos, eldritch currency etc.)

Also you don't even lose currency running this, eventually you will find a meatsack ~ 1.1 divine or a 20% additional item corpse ~ 2.5 divine etc.

Make sure you stay far away from vaal side areas that randomly spawn, since they remove your shrines when you accidently enter.

With headhunter and oriaths end pretty cheap this is probably the most fun I've ever had just leveling.
geev1044: Its better to stack shrine before killing many mobs and dont forget to complete a T17 map or ask someone to do it for you so you could make your map device 5 sockets this way you could throw one more scrab
Raiunax: I love how you enjoying PoE
jisharagu: Your build looks awesome
Chieftain01: I hope you looted that map. that was a map that had a chance to drop chaos. last one I did had 56 chaos drop from it.
Geraki2019: Ashen map is much better. You can get all shrines in seconds and more buffs=more xp
boyinpyjamas: It's good video just looks silly 1 month into a league to make video about scarab and atlas use and not having last scarab slot unlocked. for many strategies a single scarab slot makes whole difference so i recommend to unlock it asap.
WOMFT: Never considered white maps, no wonder I've been suffering

May 08 2024

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