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WIKI GUIDES: Phosani's Nightmare (OSRS)

TheL0rd0fSpace: The monkey setup got Bass, and the wiki got Runite Ore, meaning the wiki setup had better gp/hr
usherif: You can one shot the parasite with mace spec. But you need strength bonus and you have none lmaoo
DaemonRayge: I feel like the downgrade charts aren't exactly awful, but do omit a lot of extra needed context. Although those that do need context do typically include a small footnote about that.

Although the fact they recommend a dwarven helm as the lowest gear over a Neitznot is questionable.
shame1290: these charts are a very good starting point to go off, saying this as a person who started playing a year~ ago and these charts helped me out a lot in figuring out what gear to work towards, as i dont even know what geear exists in the game. obviously as i came to content harder than jad i started to use dps calcs to go fact check setups and find cheaper/better alternatives, but i still occasionally check those charts to see if i missed something. what im trying to say is: these charts are good as an inspiration, not guides
NanoBudgie: Look at that power creep. Veracs dead now smh…
Mr1986anthony: Great series idea!
fabiopauli420: please next do the stratagy guide for Wispherer, i honstly dk if thats even mathimatically possiable it has "WIZARD BOOTS" on it. Bro, WIZARD BOOTS
calebholbrook9645: wiki recommends dwarven helmet only when using the zammy hasta for crush. That's why it's in a separate column
DrumAndSpaces: Phosani in a nutshell: oh its bass.
yuselescount2913: Good video idea, bad call to action. These charts are good to have and are really useful for people who have pretty jank setups like ironmen. Making sure these get updated and adding more context would be a better thing to have than removing them. Zombie axe, macahuitl are both better than hasta. Putting the niche crush helm on a crush boss while using crush weapons is reasonable, and in several cases, better than Neitiznot. Fang is an unreasonable weapon that is viable in places it really shouldn't and when it was added to the chart, they didn't add a note. With the new weapons, fang wouldn't even make the chart and the note wouldn't even be needed. There's no reason to act braindead and call for the removal of something that you personally don't use or need. Most of your criticism comes into very small leaps in logic, guides on neglected content, or just things that are actually reasonable.
dubudubu2442: I don’t think you’re exactly meant to use the chart like that lol but this is good content
fabiopauli420: For those wanting to know: the first boss OST is from "Hollowknight:" track "Mantis lords"

May 10 2024

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