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This is INSANE for Medium Clues | UIM Collection Log Completionist (#26) [OSRS]

gianniciotti4783: You need to get the stronghold security boots, filling that slot in the dresser would be JUICY
Eskii_NZL: Just curious as to why you have not done the lumby elite diary yet to save a inventory space and get rid of that staff? Is it not obtainable on a max uim?
SpookyDino255: YOOOO, thanks so much for another video! What you do and the editing in this video is super inspiring! One of my fave youtubers to watch while waiting for flips!!
holdenwoofter5896: Loved the video, didn't like the thumbnail
MonsteredUp: Always love seeing when you upload!
hyperzx3179: Seeing all the clue loot dissapearing on the floor makes me cry
owmegwoagm: pog he's back !!
regisicarii: Love your vids
maxread6908: frontrunner for GG Season 5

May 16 2024

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