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These OSRS skilling methods changed today

franktaylor3692: I really like these news videos. Way better context than just reading.
EduardoPerez-sm3hw: the type A and B hit sounds have always been in the game but the A was for males and B was for female characters
samthompson6475: Please keep these coming, they make change logs much more accessible.
Travmadsen: Random information about me.
I started watching your video a few years ago during leuges. It was during Christmas time.
Now when I watch your videos it remind me of Christmas. So thanks.
LimabeanStudios: Just another voice saying I love the news videos.
stephenbridges928: Kip is my Daddy
Rock_Appreciator: Haven't watched one of your videos for like 3 years. Nice to see you're still doing well man! Hope you're still enjoying OSRS and skateboarding and all that. That being said I'm personally pretty happy with the changes made with the latest updates
zackbryans4982: In a recent Fray video on his Canifis one chunk, he showed off the Vetion bug. I think that's why it got fixed.
fatmanplaysitall9230: Im really loving these update videos on new patches! Please keep them up :)
mgnt232: The fever spiders will be nice again when the herb secondary sack thing is released, decent spot to geta bunch of roots
paulet4276: My favorite part of these vids is when you try the new methods out. Makes me want to watch these even as a nerd who reads all of the dev blogs

May 25 2024

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