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These OSRS skill changes affect everyone

Saint1533: Just log out until they make the game easier.
Spookdog: ty now I know what a brimhaven voucher is
PensFan35: As someone who has played the game for almost 20 years im happy for all the newer players that get to experience the quality of life changes because im not a weird, vindictive piece of shit who derives pleasure from arbitrary standards of monotony. :)
Crobins_: I think when you sold your christmas crackers those who bought them were doing the same thing when you went to death's coffer. I was laughing cause I was like you did the same earlier lol
stephybloops: heya, clicking through the empty rock was done via Custom Menu Swaps, just have to paste Mine, Granite rocks into the first box and you're all set
jacobabcug: Al Kharid palace window req removed>, never doing the diary finally paid off
paulet4276: first time i've related to your "just log out and wait until the game gets easier". I grinded the pirates hook, could have gotten xp as well from it :P
David-jf3uf: All the agility stuff was polled. I remember voting on it and commenting that marks of grace need to increase as you get better rooftops

Also zalcano is really messed up right now. Rewards are default recused by like 90% and mass kills are too fast to get credit
PDTeter: "when you dont like something wait for jagex to buff it" lol
austinkehn8471: The reason people are purchasing them are exactly what you showed. They are purchasing them to put into death's coffer. Another youtuber a friend put out a video regarding this so its had a fair amount of exposure today to make people more aware and may be impulsively participating due to this information.

May 10 2024

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