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These Are Runescape's Biggest Noob Traps [OSRS]

AustinsThicc: Why you gotta come for me like that? “Scared of raids because you actually have to talk to people”
Xphoenix7X: Wtf, my guy got a haircut mid video, efficient
collwyr: The Seers agility method is pretty darn misleading in this, considering you wouldn't have the stats capable of doing Hard diary, it'd just be much easier to farm it out in Canny and using that gear to do quests than to have to go through a bunch of quests without it before getting to the stage of the account that is capable of doing hard diary.
alexc5618: I got my graceful by lvl 56, don't even remember because I watched breaking bad
andrewmelzer688: Quick note on void: Medium CAs also get you 7 points per veteran game. This tier is more realistic for people actually on the void grind, especially irons (btw)
willing_to_learn: Those marks rate for the seer course are with the diary. That's a tough sell for a new account. Canifis graceful isn't at all a waste of time though I would also consider / advise doing barb fishing to fairly high levels just to reduce failure rate before heading over to the rooftops.
AugustStanke: Dont play this game until you maxed
lancejohnson3278: Getting graceful is so easy and so nice to have as early as possible. Hard diary has a lot of requirements and you can use all those marks on Stam potions at that point.
Roel93: "The biggest noob trap is playing Runescape in the summer months."
nifegun: My one thing is "have fun" so many players have lost the plot man. Everyone is so caught up in tick perfect this and use all the plug ins to turn it into a tile clicking simulator.

People! This game is a fantasy RPG and one of the best one's! It's charming, witty, funny. You're not some god selected hero destined to save the world, you're just an adventurer who wants cool stuff and cool powers. Don't be afraid to get into that. Thats the best part of the game and you can enjoy it at any level. Click the funny dialogue options, be a jerk to NPCs, have fun with it.

Finally, stop forcing your tick perfect, no time waste BS on the people who can still have fun. People keep telling me I'm playing "wrong" because I'm not afking at crabs and I kill everything with knives, even when the mob is weak to magic. I don't care, I'm having a blast, my adventurer solves every problem by throwing knives, that's the role I am playing and I'm loving it, that shouldn't bother you lol. But boy have I made people mad on reddit over this
ThatGuyKyleS: I completely disagree with the don’t camp Canfis for graceful. First this is assuming you have Seers hard diary done which is a big if. Second. This doesn’t account for time/ gp you save by getting graceful early to wear for questing. I did canifus rooftop until I got graceful then focused on questing for awhile before training agility again

May 11 2024

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