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RuneScape Loves Steve Irwinosrsrunescape

adamsaldana5462: Absolutely nothing morbid about this. This is wholesome
ElliotNess-jg8gt: People dropping manta rays on the ground
snipex-yt1422: I can just imagine doing a quest and seeing a group of players walking together saying "brekkie"
papasmurf9201: Thats how I learned that he died that day. Lots of players were talking about it.
feuchster: I remember this. Good/sad times
fellowperson6406: It's a gamers way of memorializing and remembering an awesome man in the best way they know how. I love it
zacharypost2674: On the real i feel like i remember this
Vegetal_de_Refri9678: Thats really what comunnity is all about
ABathRobeSamurai: I was there... I remember being in middle school gaming that night when I heard the news..

Then I saw them laiter.

I grew up watching that man. We lost a real one.
mopfrenzy1250: As a Australian that grew up playing rs and watching Steve Irwin I never saw this in game and it pleases me knowing it happened lost a real one that day

Jun 10 2024

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