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OSRS Is Changed Forever! HUGE Skilling Changes, New Rewards, OSRS Boss Revealed, \Today’s News

poodymeiner3125: 57 mining for upstairs mlm is criminal
lily13337: Kalphite hive requires diary
dodgethe762: b3b gilded is such absurd odds that i honestly don't even want to calculate it
dodgethe762: b3b guilded is like 900 billion hard clues to see something like that, easily the most rare thing we've ever seen
jakewhalen5535: The Draynor manor to port sarim shortcut still requires achievement diaries
EtopiaCA: Dude the max D claw spec and Donator stack were both insane.
Ebayturbokit: 71 views in 2 minutes this channel has been forgotten
grantperkins3387: Just found this channel after getting back into osrs, great content
ezpzfakie: osrs is going to be 2012 rs with abit of eoc rs in next 5 years lol!
ritokazoriv: Prayer regen pots can be good but only if it will be nontradeable imo, gives a reason for anyone to have high herblore
joshlee9330: Agility should be the only check for a shortcut

May 10 2024

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