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OSRS Combat Will Never Be The Same Project Combat Rebalance

guusgeluk3693: L update
brendenrolann7617: People complaining that air spell is cheaper now. Are yall worried about the cost of basic elemental runes now? lol
Moxxi99: L update, so excited to be doing 8-9 way switches for mage...
splits8999: its weird imo cuz now there will be such a clear divide between content design pre-combat change and post-combat change
arnevaneycken2878: So we can just use air spells to save runes
disthymia6929: You can just spam wind spells now then, unless they're weak to the other elements
ryanheerdt7928: Real question... After been playing since 2005. Am I going to have to relearn EVERYTHING when it comes to killing everything
SpartacusMaximusEsq: So much for my staff of the dead build
RageHammeri: my pures fire surge went from 45 max hit to 25
josephcarreon2341: Wind bolt can hit a 22 at barrows with just chaos gauntlets with a 50% accuracy increase lmao. Idk if that beats iban in dps now, but the costs dramatically decrease by just needing chaos runes for similar dps.
thezarn9903: Eoc II

May 30 2024

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