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Most Profitable Solo Bosses In OSRS 2024

stevegonzales527: The best profit boss is your bank/credit card 11-99m gp per minute
clappedmk7: I’m glad you included moons of peril, I think it’s a pretty fun low/med level boss. I’m a noob still so having Lower level stuff on this list was nice!
NMartin2346: Favorite Standalone Boss is Duke, it’s one of the most chill, braindead ones for me.

Lately I’be done a Shadow Rebuild. And i learned TOA (off your videos coincidentally enough)

Started sending solo 150s to work my way up and i think it took me 15 normals of 150-250 to finally do and compete my first 300 with no deaths.
Altcybe: solo cms not on the list, sad, the best and most enjoyable money maker for sure RSN CybeDustless
gore330: my fav boss to do is mole, i know its kinda poop but i find it fun. also doing barrows where i can just turn my brain off and get some easy gp. RSN Ket-Gor
chavapa1228: The best profit boss is nex 100%, doing trios all time, but it burns ur mind. RSN NexLove
umphlov3921: Favorite boss is vardorvis. I am too a 2.6k axe piece dry chad, but I've got 3 ultors so far. Brain dead at this point and as long as I'm not tired I don't die. RSN umph lov
Smartguy898: Bandos with my friend. It's pretty chill and can get multiple kills per trip making it very worth it. RSN Murunix
lpezy13: I got 2 ACP’s and a chain skirt at arms my last slayer task there. I love arma
Brentastrophe: I get flak for always doing phantom muspah and gauntlet, but I gotta say it's just because those bosses are the most comfortable/fun for me to continually fight and win. It's not fun to go die at Cerberus and then realize "oh crap that cost me 500k"

May 10 2024

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