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I Killed OSRS's Biggest Predator

lucasm8528: I wanted to skip through the find the McCune clip, all I had to do was look for the guy standing in full mage taking multiple hits off prayer
Beyond_00: seen the title thought u killed rot XD
239Loki-TutLoki: I killed mccune once on a phone in py
dilliondantin: I've subscribed so many times... that damned smile gets me every time
justingoforth8102: Atleast youre man enough to show your losses. Respect
heyimnotmexican1: Bro what are these rs names
dilliondantin: OMG Hannanie already said that Defy J was the biggest predator in OSRS. OOOMMMGGGG ARe you calling Hannanniieee a LiaaaArrr? You're so sick trying to take their truth from them /s
kieransmith1920: Keep it up brother like that your not Afraid to show your losses very humble of you my man liked and subbed keep it up big G
MrAdamz123: Mccune is the biggest victim in osrs, there’s rumours he’s in bad debt irl because he bought so much gp from dieing and so many accounts LOOOL
arturoarregoces7269: Beast!
Raj_Pat3l: Legend G

May 15 2024

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