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I Havent Used the OSRS Wiki for OVER A YEAR

chompyoface: No joke this rivals Settled's original UIM series in terms of my favourite OSRS series of all time
Syvlu: This series has been my favorite since it came out.

Alien Food is single handedly motivating me to do quests
Zonyxe: A year?! Dang man, time flies when you're looking for pie dishes and jubbly spits.
Seriously though, you are one of the most entertaining content creators. Such genuine humour, chill narration and the honesty of showing your thought process, mistakes and discoveries makes for such a great experience.
I can't wait for years more of this, and then eventually whatever else you do.
aMondayMorning: I seriously think if Alien Food manages to unlock Prifddinas without capitulating and looking at the wiki, this might actually be one of the most legendary accounts ever made.
Rulerofwax24: When I did this quest years ago, I used the Abyss to get to the chaos altar instead of going through the tunnel. Recently, when going for the music cape, I had to unlock the music track in the tunnel and it was really interesting to talk to those NPCs that I skipped over the first time.
DaemonRayge: That little warning at the end is in fact for pure accounts. You used to be able to buy battlestaves from Zaff without needing the quest. This was changed to require completing most of the quest to gain that privilege (As a way to reduce and slow down mass bots buying out the stock). That warning was to let pure accounts out of the loop know they done enough and dont actually need to finish the entire thing.
thekryken: That has to be one of the smoothest quests of the entire series
nickp3836: Your approach to this is phenomenal. The story telling, narration, humor…it all just works. Watching this series feels like I’m playing the game all over again for the first time. Can’t thank you enough for this phenomenal series
CrazyNessP: Settled and Alien Food - two best weekly series
Jorvalt: This game has so many quests where you just accidentally fuck something up.
wysaab: this is literally a better quest focused series than by release, great work dude i didnt know any of that stuff about the dagon'hai
Potatezone: Oh, I guess the chaos tunnels aren't a thing in OSRS, huh?

In my time of playing RS3, Surok DOES escape into the tunnel under the statue, and a miniquest starts where you have to chase and defeat him in the wilderness tunnels.

I remember the reward being repeatable and pretty decent?
nicksacco5041: I love how there's a jail in Port Sarim, but they just leave Surok in the palace library with the librarian and in close proximity to the king of the city.
drumline17: Currently in the middle of DT2 with no guide thanks to this series' inspiration. The story and gameplay are so much more fun when you're not just clicking the highlighted blue things and holding spacebar
civilservant9528: He can't tell me anything about myself that I don't know already. All this Psychiatry's a load of tommyrot! You know what they say it's all connected with, don't you? Sex. What a load of cobblers!

Jun 04 2024

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