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2024 OSRS Pride Event Quick Easy Guide Rewards

Schmidddyyy: Keep your new world gay agenda out of my early 2000s medieval clicking simulator.
zombruh9861: Gross they're having another one
rskat501: Pride event? Na I'll pass
budana3125: F this event I quit osrs
Earlhelder: Thanks , Simple and easy to understand.. No BS.. No ads.. No talking nonsense!
thecelebriam: Thank You so much! Happy Pride month guys!!!
104Colton104: I missed the part in the guide where you have to use the genital shears
flex_cs4615: F this event !
Disregarding: This video is Gay!!!
superdupercake: rather un live myself than play this content br0
SavageMarkGaming: Yikes

Jun 08 2024

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