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150 Hours of Hunter Rumours UIM Collection Log Completionist 29 OSRS

over_edited: btw, they changed pieces of eight so they are stored in the trouble brewing shop after each game making it easy for uims to grind clog there
spumly123: 30 min DVS video before the brutality of the coming week, thank you almighty DVS!
MrDegradingChimp: Honestly one of my favoruite osrs series. Love your commitment. Keep churning, fella.
99huntlife33: Mad respect for the hunter grinds
jaredgray4987: seeing you drop the quetzel feed hurt me (not sure if you stopped dropping them at some point or not)
patrickwomblecat8130: I'm actually crushed every time I hear you say 'looks like we'll be going over rate on X' EVERY. SINGLE. GRIND. Loved the video as always brother, can't wait for the next!
tobiasalsdal8722: Why are u not in GG, did they ask or are u too good to be in it?
timothydovale4152: I also just started doing rumors recently and getting that block list for the pet grinds was a PAIN
Rafutah: That progress, my goodness, your vids are wild
jat2319: ty for the block list explanation. love the content <3

Jun 11 2024

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