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10 Big Changes Coming To OSRS Very Soon...

jkasaunder228: "I remember trying to sell my wife on OSRS" Hold up.
dodgethe762: for anyone curious the butt he keeps using is the level 76 cyclops in the warriors guild
ToThaFaceProductions: When you said sell your wife on runescape I immediately thought of the buying gf meme before realising you meant you were trying to get her interested.
jarad9946: its not complex at all, make agility increased your sustained run energy, this isnt hard
randy5606: Those new prayers sound awful
HorminizedHonor: "butt"
blacknyellow962: Lot of very interesting changes coming but I'm most interested in the run energy changes and the aggression potion.
Quarx93: Finally fang got a spec animation rework. REEEEE
Lorenzo-dc8vm: Interesting updates incoming. Cool video and well explained
cortunix3332: oo what settings is your runelite to look like that?
0Daniel01: Had to lol, I just knew gargs were coming in as the opposite to dark beasts aggression range

May 25 2024

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