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Using A 400 Pound Quarterback In Madden 24...

megablaze2599: Was ready for the “I made the obese big mammoth glitch this throw”
SandraPhillips-cb5og: Always entertained by your content, it's awesome!
charleshated06: i miss facecam throne
dashdeep2529: That come back was fucking fire . You ain’t gotta learn McDouble with cheese anytime soon
joshfilmore: "DON'T LET ME THROW IT AGAIN BUDDY. YOU'RE NOT BACK THERE BUDDY. what was that camera angle..." lmaoo
benpustejovsky8590: Called his qb Perry for almost the whole first game
user-ur6pb6vu3c: All Fat team gonna be crazy
nolxve7914: bro said “sorry for the delay on that game”
wJaxn: The fact that the dude in the last game was talking non stop is actually insane lmao. Hard to tell what he was saying but I know he kept talking shit when he would get pancakes. Literally only running the ball while talking trash is actually embarrassing lmao.
afterhourswithlish: yo throne u gon play the new ncaa?

May 23 2024

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