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Use this Method for CHEAP 99s! Madden 24

Tigrisgg: Day 62 of telling swift he looks handsome today
brianhu1218: You should make a quick short or vid talking about the TTAS chemistries and which one is the best
SmellyCat808: For anyone thinking about selling your 99 OL, just a heads up...

I think the only upgradable 92-99 TT player that gets 0AP Secure Protector is the free Zack Martin at RG. The rest are 1AP.
jesusGonzalez-kg9wd: did this exact method, i’m up 8 Mil and TTAS players are better than my previous players, All my WR and RB were sold and replaced
jacobsteel130: letsss go, love the background music
dylanknecht111: Which is the best ultimate legend?
BasicBeing284: Swiiiiiiiiiftt do a vid on the team captains 99
IOSARBX: Swift, This made me laugh so hard, thanks for sharing!
jlg0881: ‘Preciate ya’ Swift!!
Cowboys2: Hey swifty I’m not asking for a coin making method vid, but how do you always have 2 mil chilling. How did you get that much. Is it from like challenges or

May 27 2024

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