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The Top 10 Quarterbacks in Madden 24

unknownglockz: Moon not top 10
HypeClips-ny3bs: Literally how is Joe Burrow worse than RG3? He has better stats and abilities
XPace2k: Why is nobody talking about the rookie premier cards?
TariqSWOLEn: I named my MUT team "hawk tuah" like a week ago, but then this morning it's changed to my gamertag and won't let me rename my team AT ALL
assantayrobinson8015: Moon not on the list but CJ Stroud is??? Make it make sense. Crazy 1AP stack, great attributes, good release, yeaaaa nasty work
DogDude015: How is Jayden Daniels not top 10, I would def take him over Chad powers
Yacon3nike: I had rg3 he’s trash
okc125: No Jayden Daniel’s ?
Kidflash255: Where is Jayden Daniels?
safwanmalik3: Love Tom Brady but I find w gift wrapped, he misses my wide open RB on flat routes, even without pass leading, w no pressure (have fearless too).
Not sure what that’s about.
kuirzy2702: I use andrew luck still he fire

Jul 07 2024

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