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The NEW ChatGPT AI Voice Coached Me In Madden 24

BLOCKBABYACE: Why does the AI have the same mindset as dion
JulianWyllie: I can't lie, it is genuinely hilarious to hear Dion talking to this thing and seeing some of the plays work out. What a world we live in lol
famoussvante2110: The no diddy issa must
WillLapoole: The Kendrick euphoria instrumental
Eworrd: Cover 1 robber call was crazy
TBreezeMusic: Bro is this legit AI?! I'm so confused only a few mins in.
tpSaint: “Alright..they got one on us” is insane
khalilwilson2586: Coach must’ve had a subscription to madden mastermind with the cover 4 and blitz plays she was spamming
marcussanders6448: This video going in the IMAV HOF one day

May 20 2024

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